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Welcome to the Cairo 52 Legal Research Institute, the inaugural regional legal institute with a distinctive emphasis on the matters concerning sexual and bodily liberties of marginalized communities. At Cairo 52, our institutional ethos is deeply grounded in the principle of intersectionality, acknowledging the intricate and intertwined nature of justice-related concerns.

Our primary objective entails advocating and advancing sexual and bodily freedoms, particularly for the marginalized and stigmatized segments of gender and sexual minorities, encompassing individuals who identify as LGBTQ+, those living with HIV, sex workers, and women.

Founded by a dedicated collective of human rights advocates, Cairo 52 emerged from a profound aspiration to dismantle the constraints imposed by social, political, and religious authorities in the Middle East and North Africa region. It serves as a sanctuary where voices of transformation can flourish, shielded from the spectre of repression or censorship.

We firmly acknowledge that these freedoms are fundamental to the principles of human dignity and autonomy, and we strive to rectify the scales of justice for gender and sexual minorities who are confronted with social and governmental discrimination, violence, and persecution.

1. Research:

We engage in thorough legal research in order to generate concise materials that establish links between legal concepts and fundamental human rights, as prescribed by both domestic and international legislation and safeguarded by the diverse constitutions within the region. Additionally, we curate an extensive repository of legal documents and resources, serving as a valuable tool for human rights practitioners, activists, and scholars. Moreover, we collect and analyze data to be utilized across our diverse publications, ensuring that our advocacy for marginalized gender and sexual minorities is grounded in sound evidence. 

3. Alternative Media:

Through our alternative media initiatives, we amplify the voices of marginalised communities, challenging mainstream narratives and advocating for social equality and justice.

2. Legal Aid:

We strive to offer top-notch legal aid to marginalised gender and sexual populations in Egypt, encompassing pro bono legal consultations and legal representation for individuals facing state prosecution. Additionally, our regional efforts focus on identifying and initiating strategic litigation cases in order to promote the human rights of our key populations through the judicial process.

  • Boost legal knowledge and skills with our advanced litigation guides and analyses for human rights lawyers and advocates focused on sexual and bodily freedoms.
  • Empower key populations to defend their rights through our evidence-based research, supporting sustained advocacy efforts.
  • Develop unique grassroots services and advocacy strategies promoting bodily integrity, social equality, sexual freedom, and non-discrimination.
  • Foster safe spaces for open dialogue among key populations, ensuring a stigma and bullying-free environment.
  • Equip key populations with essential resources to combat injustice, discrimination, stigma, violence, and persecution.

To establish a society that possesses a comprehensive understanding of its fundamental, sexual, and bodily human rights.

To effectively communicate legal information in a clear and easily understandable manner, promote the principles of human rights and autonomy over one’s body, offer legal assistance to marginalised individuals, and create a platform for amplifying the voices of those who have been silenced. At Cairo 52, our dedication lies in fostering constructive transformations and promoting the pursuit of justice for all.